Yasumasa Kokubo MD, PhD
Mie University,
Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies
Kii ALS/PDC Research Center
1577 Kurimamachiyacho, Tsu, Mie
514-8507, Japan
Phone & Fax:+81-059-231-5117

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Research Project

Ⅰ Epidemiology, Environmental factors

Aim: To reveal recent epidemiological changes and environmental factors those have been influencing epidemiological changes.

Ⅱ Gene

Aim: To reveal genetic background with sophisticated technology, such as linkage analysis, candidate gene analysis, mitochondrial gene analysis and next generation sequence.

Ⅲ Proteinopthy and Neuroathology

Aim: To reveal characteristic changes regarding multiple proteinopathy, such as tau protein,α-synuclein and TDP-43.

Ⅳ Neuroradiology

Aim: To reveal neuroradiological features using MRI, SPECT and PET.

Ⅴ Pathomechanism

Aim: To reveal pathomechanism including oxidative stress, nitrative stress, citrulline expression and glial pathology.

Ⅵ iPS cell

Aim: To develop candidate chemicals those have a modifiable effect on disease progression.

Ⅶ Clinical Trial

Aim: To do clinical trial using promising medicine.

Ⅷ Guam Research

Aim: To compare epidemiology, clinical findings, environmental factors and genetic background between two endemic foci.

Ⅸ Papua Research

Aim: Joint research with The Research Institute for Humanity and Nature.